Kaleido Incorporated is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 and based in Florida, USA. Its purpose is to support other organizations around the world that work with efficiency and responsibility to bring light to the darkness where there is human exploitation, causing the rescue and rehabilitation of victims, lives can turn into colors of freedom.



Nonprofit organization based in Mexico City, founded in 2006 with the purpose of creating a long term shelter for victims of human trafficking. Focused on girls who are under 18 years old. They have supported more than 300 survivors, many of them who are now successful entrepreneurs, activists, college students or full time moms.

Because of the pandemic, some of their donors have reduced their support, so they are currently fundraising to cover the costs of housing, food, education and medical and psychological care for survivors.

Non-profit organization founded in Mexico City in 2012 with the goal of creating awareness and prevention strategies as well as new shelters for victims of human trafficking, giving them the necessary resources for their operation. In addition to collaborating with governments and private sector companies to stop human trafficking.

At the moment their main goal is the construction of 2 new shelters, one for girls and one for boys, so they are doing fundraising campaigns to generate resources for its construction and equipment


Why support Kaleido?

We firmly believe that together we can bring light in the darkness. We trust and believe in the humanitarian work carried out by the organizations we support, and daily we are seeking to raise funds for those who have been deprived of their rights and freedom. Let’s help them get back up and continue to live with the colors of freedom.




Projects we fund

Construction of new specialized shelters

Developed by: United vs Trafficking Commission

Objective: Provide fully equipped shelters to assure asylum, and the implementation of the Specialized Care Work Program for survivors of human trafficking and School and Education.

Specialized Care Work Program for survivors of human trafficking

Designed by: Camino a Casa Foundation

Objective: o provide psychological and physical rehabilitation with medical assistance as well as legal support in order to reintegrate the survivors into society.

Specialized shelters for victims of human trafficking

Provided by: Camino a Casa Foundation

Objective: Provide a home for survivors of human trafficking, while they receive attention, rehabilitation and care, and education

Prevention and Awareness Campaigns

Developed by: Comisión Unidos vs Trata

Objective: Carry out brigades and campaigns in schools, companies and the media with the aim to educate and prevent young adults about the dangers and modus operandi of Human Trafficking members.

How can I help?

Educational Project for victims of Human Trafficking: School supplies

With the pandemic still ongoing, children are having online classes, and we are in need of computer equipment.
Goal: $5,000 USD

Specialized Care Work Program for survivors of human trafficking: A vehicle

A van is needed to transport children and staff to medical appointments, legal proceedings, and other activities.
Goal: $5,000 USD

Specialized Shelters for victims of Human Trafficking Repairs

Interior: refilling, repairing, plastering, repainting, and recovering of walls and floors. Exterior: Renovate the garden and Fix the greenhouse due to raining season. Plumbing work: Fixing the water pump, and maintenance due to sewage overflow.
Goal: $1,004,175.81 USD

of your money
brings freedom to people in need